Supply Chain Analytics Test Page

Achieve a robust, efficient, and cost-effective supply chain using our solutions

Our Supply Chain analytics solutions aim to maximize operational efficiency and effectiveness while mitigating risks and minimizing costs. We adopt an end-to-end approach to data-driven supply chain planning spanning procurement analytics, inventory optimization, in-bound and out-bound logistics, manufacturing, network optimization and distribution. Through our solutions we achieve lower down times, higher fill rates, lower out of stock, better working capital management, higher revenue growth and improved margin.

Use Cases

Predictive Maintenance

Our solutions help determine the operational condition of critical in-service equipment and identify optimal window for maintenance to reduce breakage, machine down times and product wastage.

End-to-End Logistic Optimization

Our Logistics Analytics solution help our clients identify the most efficient delivery strategy balancing availability and costs for inbound and outbound logistics for better supply chain management.

Inventory Planning

Inxite Out collaborates with clients to estimate optimal inventory levels across the supply chain ensuring higher fill rates and lower stock outs while balancing working capital requirements.

Demand Forecasing

Our solution provide accurate demand forecasting helping businesses in production planning and making better inventory decisions by analyzing sales data, market trends, and other factors reducing the risk of stock-outs and overstocking.

Supplier Performance Optimization

We help clients to monitor the performance of suppliers from historical data and identify areas for improvement leading to better contracts, reduced supply chain risk, and improved supplier management.

Workforce Planning and Optimization

Our solution help organizations plan and optimize their workforce by analyzing data on employee productivity, labor costs, and demand for labor.

Case Studies