Sales Analytics

Predict your future sales landscape and stay ahead of the curve using our solutions

Inxite Out’s Sales Analytics solutions help our clients keep pace with the evolving trends in their sales data and the key contributing factors, enabling them to design appropriate interventions and win in the competitive marketplace. We develop robust processes to identify, understand and model future sales patterns with an inbuilt interpretation, evaluation, and feedback loop for continuous improvement. Our solutions also make the overall sales process more efficient for every stakeholder – from the planner to the analyst, from the salesperson to the end customer.


Use Cases

Sales Forecasting

Our sales forecasting solutions apply state of the art forecasting techniques on historical sales data enriched with a plethora of causative factors to generate precise sales forecasts.

Product Recommendation

Inxite Out helps clients recommend right product baskets at the right time for their customers based on historical purchase patterns and market-aware segmentation.

Promotion Planning

We collaborate with clients to design and implement optimal promotion strategies ensuring achievement of business goals and maximization of value for every dollar invested.

Case Studies