Data Engineering

Break data-silos and make your data AI-ready using our solutions

We build scalable, secure, enterprise-grade data infrastructures that power your business intelligence and AI applications. Our on-cloud analytics-ready data stores and robust end-to-end data pipelines break data silos to enable the consumption and operationalization of our solutions. We collaborate and partner with you to identify and implement the right strategy and architecture for custom data solutions for your needs. Inxite Out’s data engineering team helps enterprises unify and harmonize data from diverse internal and external sources at scale, while managing and ensuring quality and integrity of that data.

Data Science


Data Architecture

We leverage modern workload-driven orchestration principles and business-aware data modelling to design your data platforms that are reliable, secure, and future-ready.

Data Pipeline

We develop end-to-end data pipelines on cloud for automated ingestion, harmonization, and enrichment of data from disparate sources to make the data ready for consumption.

Data Lake

Inxite Out builds scalable, secure data lakes involving robust data transformation processes for a centralized and unified view of your data of varying velocity and volumes.

Data Warehouse

Our data warehousing solutions enable fast, self-service consumption of curated and enriched data to drive insights that help strategic and tactical decision-making.

Data Quality Management

We help enterprises identify inconsistencies, incompleteness, and inaccuracies in their data, and provide recommendations for active corrections.


Our agile DataOps processes involve continuous development, integration, testing, deployment and monitoring for effective data management and automation.

Case Studies