Data Science

Implement quantifiable evidence-based decision making using our solutions

We partner with organizations to facilitate prediction of future events and automated information extraction from structured and unstructured data leading to data-based decision making. We provide expertise at every stage of your data science journey from ideation to solution design, from data collection & processing to feature engineering, model implementation and deployment. We operationalize all our AI services through structured execution in order to accelerate business value delivery. Our development processes ensure alignment between data, business and technology to achieve true enterprise AI.


Predictive Analytics

Inxite Out helps drive business efficiencies by generating accurate predictions of future events using advanced machine learning techniques

Text Analytics

Our text analytics offerings generate actionable insights by interpreting and understanding text data using machine learning and Natural Language Processing techniques

Computer Vision

Inxite Out helps organization derive meaningful information from digital images and videos using deep learning and other state of the art techniques

Recommendation & Prescriptive Analytics

Enabling effective decision-making and next best action through various supervised, unsupervised, and semi-supervised techniques

Case Studies