Generative AI

Leverage Generative AI to turn your ideas into reality

We enable organizations to optimize and automate their processes using the latest advances in Generative AI and LLMs (Large Language Models). Our clients leverage our expertise to accelerate their Generative AI journey safely, without needing to worry about complex prompt templating, integrations, and model randomness. Inxite Out partners with you to develop solutions that are fine-tuned on your data and are aware of your business context to generate most relevant results for you. Whether you want to build a zero-shot assistant or want to fine-tune an on-premises model on your private documents – we have you covered.


Discovery Engine

Develop custom-purpose engines to easily find relevant documents or content by themes within your organization’s knowledge management system.

Configurable Chatbots

Automate repetitive business processes around content summarization, configurable categorization, or open-ended query response generation utilizing the power of GenAI technologies.

Analysis Assistants

Our GenAI offerings enable organizations to build data analysis assistants to comprehend their private data and generate analysis outcomes.

Case Studies