Customer Analytics

Understand, acquire, and retain your customers better using our solutions

Inxite Out’s Customer Analytics solutions provide a holistic and unified view of customer interactions facilitating not only a deeper understanding of customer’s buying behavior and engagement patterns but also enabling more accurate prediction of their future actions. This helps not only in gaining insights about your customers’ evolution along the customer journey but also helps in designing and delivering the relevant offers and contextual information for enhanced customer experience, higher engagement, and improved loyalty.


Use Cases

Customer Behavior Analytics

Inxite Out's customer behavior analytics solutions help understand how your customers act across channels and interaction touchpoints – digital or non-digital, and the factors that influence their actions.

Customer Acquisition

We collaborate with our clients to understand the profile of their ideal customers and develop the right strategies and campaigns to reach, attract and acquire them at the right cost.

Customer Engagement and Retention

Inxite Out helps clients create a loyal customer base enabling long term revenue growth by identifying and implementing hyper-personalized interventions for higher engagement and product basket growth.

Customer 360

We generate a Single Version of Truth about your customer by creating a 360-degree view of omnichannel data capturing every interaction of the customer, from web / offline visits to product purchases, loyalty engagements and feedbacks.

Case Studies