Marketing Analytics

Achieve maximum ROI for your marketing investments using our solutions

With a focus to answer the only question which matters to Marketeers: How can marketing investments do better? Inxite Out’s marketing analytics solutions give our clients immediate visibility of results to facilitate quick and evidence-based action. This also enables rapid experimentation for strategy discovery and design. Our Marketing Analytics solutions help clients anticipate likely consumer responses to marketing stimulus. In a world where differentiation rapidly erodes, it is customer knowledge which keeps companies ahead. We understand this and stay focused on discovering competitive advantages for you.


Use Cases

Marketing Effectiveness Analytics

Our solutions take a holistic view of all your marketing efforts and help define optimal omni-channel hyper-personalized strategies to target the right customer and achieve your marketing goals more efficiently.

"Voice of Customer" Analytics

We help clients generate insights around brand popularity, fine-grained sentiment, switching behavior and many more from customer conversations on social media, product reviews, websites, and customer surveys.

Market Mix Modelling

Our solutions help you derive maximum value for your marketing buck through optimal spend allocation across the most effective marketing assets.



Merchandizing Effectiveness

We help our clients evaluate and adopt the right online and offline merchandizing configuration and placement for their products as well as develop easy to use tools to ensure conformance to those standards.

Case Studies