Sales and Marketing Analytics Test Page

Achieve maximum ROI for your sales and marketing investments

At Inxite Out, we offer Sales and Marketing Analytics solutions that provide valuable sales insights and marketing insights to our clients, helping them to design appropriate interventions and win in the competitive marketplace. Our processes are designed to anticipate future sales patterns and include an inbuilt interpretation, evaluation, and feedback loop for continuous improvement. With our solutions, clients can also anticipate likely consumer responses to marketing stimulus, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition. We understand the importance of customer knowledge in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace and remain focused on discovering competitive advantages for our clients.

Use Cases

Sales Forecasting

Our sales analytics solutions apply state of the art predictive analytics techniques on historical sales data enriched with a plethora of causative factors to generate precise sales forecasts.

Product Recommendation

Inxite Out helps clients recommend right product baskets at the right time for their customers based on historical purchase patterns and market-aware segmentation.

Promotion Planning

Our email marketing analytics with campaign analysis enables our clients to design and implement optimal promotion strategies ensuring achievement of business goals and maximization of value for every dollar invested.

Marketing Effectiveness Analytics

Our solutions take a holistic view of all your marketing efforts and help define optimal omni-channel hyper-personalized strategies to target the right customer and achieve your marketing goals more efficiently.

Market Mix Modelling

Our solutions help you derive maximum value for your marketing buck through optimal spend allocation and multi-channel attribution across the most effective marketing assets and market segmentation.

Merchandizing Effectiveness

We help our clients evaluate and adopt the right online and offline merchandizing configuration and placement for their products as well as develop easy to use tools to ensure conformance to those standards.

Case Studies