Finance Analytics Test Page

Enhance efficiency of your financial business processes using our analytics solutions

Inxite Out deeply specializes in Corporate Finance and has delivered internationally awarded solutions for our clients. We add value to your money management through solutions that can predict cash flows, automate continuous audit processes, evaluate Creditworthiness of your customers, analyze published Industry Reports of financial performance for competitive analysis and much more. Our solutions also help automate your repetitive financial document processing tasks using text analytics and computer vision.

Use Cases

Cash Flow Forecasting

We help clients enhance efficiency of treasury operations and annual financial planning processes by accurately predicting future cash flows by different financial heads at various degrees of granularity.

Audit Analytics

Inxite Out helps you to enable auditors to improve audit quality and better identify risks by effectively applying audit analytics solutions on large amounts of data captured across various IT systems.

Transaction Profiling

Our solutions enable you to predict future spend patterns and to mitigate risks by identifying anomalous spending behavior by profiling how money is being spent through our financial reporting and real-time financial insights.

Financial Document Processing Automation

We collaborate with our clients to enhance efficiency of financial processes by automating internal document processing flows for invoice processing, annual report profiling, competitive intelligence etc.

Financial Risk Management

We help organizations identify and manage financial risks such as credit risks, market risks, and operational risks by analyzing financial data and develop strategies to mitigate them.

Pricing Optimization

Inxite Out’s solutions help businesses optimize their pricing strategies by analyzing customer data, competitor data, and other market data, and identify the optimal price points for their products or services.

Case Studies