Unified E-Commerce Performance Reporting And Analytics Platform


Client, a Fortune-500 FMCG manufacturer, has e-commerce platforms in multiple countries. Client had also instituted a mechanism to generate and socialize multiple ad-hoc reports to understand ecommerce performance and social presence metrics. However, the existing reports only provided status visibility, but did not drive actions or performance management. To overcome these challenges, client wanted to a develop a centralized performance reporting and analytics framework to facilitate standardized performance reporting across markets and to drive centralized strategic initiatives.

Unified E-Commerce Performance Reporting And Analytics Platform


End State KPI Framework & Data Model Creation

We developed a holistic KPI framework to track customer traffic, customer engagement, e-commerce performance, social media engagement and campaign engagement. The KPI framework was developed in consultation with the client with a view of the end state platform as well as based on benchmarking against best-in-class e-commerce companies. Based on the KPI framework, following sources of data were identified to capture key information necessary for analysing business performance and driving drill downs:

  • Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics: Captures website traffic and engagement at event level granularity.
  • Google Search Console and GTMetrix: Captures website loading and search performance.
  • Magento & Customer Data Platform: Captures e-commerce and customer transactional as well as demographic data.
  • Synthesio: Captures social media activity across various client assets and platforms.
  • ProdSight: Captures product feedback intelligence.

Additionally, a unified data model was created to aggregate and standardize the data coming from the above-mentioned sources facilitating the establishment of a customer golden record, that is a 'single customer view' capturing all the necessary information.

Data Gap Analysis & Source Augmentation

Detailed audit was conducted for each data source to identify the key data points captured as well as the missing elements with respect to the end state KPI framework and data model. Collaborated with existing vendors who manage the data sources to augment the data captured in each with a view of the end state analytics platform. Also, developed a template for the creation of a new data source while ensuring compatibility with the analytics platform.

Performance Reporting & Analytics Platform Development

Robust, scalable, and reliable analytics platform was developed to achieve the following:

  • Extract, load and store the data from the various sources in a single unified data store.
  • Transform the data available in line with the defined end state data model, thus creating the single customer view.
  • Automatic identification and expedited resolution of data quality issues through implementation of in-line data check algorithms.
  • Make data available for downstream dashboard development and analysis by multiple users.
  • Productized roll-out – easy interfaces for seamless addition of new markets and new data sources

Azure ETL stack (Data Factory, Data Lake, Databricks, Synapse etc.) was leveraged to develop the secure and scalable data infrastructure.

Performance Reporting & Analytics Platform - Schematic

Performance Reporting Suite

A holistic insight generation PowerBI dashboard suite was developed as a single stop solution facilitating business tracking, analysis and drill downs panning customer experience and engagement, website traffic activity, e-commerce performance, social media activity etc.

Performance Reporting Suite - Sample


  • Customer 360 platform adopted as the “Single Source of Truth” for all reporting requirements across the organization.
  • Solution rolled out in 15+ markets – more markets ongoing.
  • Standardized feature-rich reporting suite adopted across teams for coherent reporting requirements.

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