Treasury automation and cash flow management recommendation


Client, a FinTech software provider, was developing a treasury automation product to help its SME customers manage their future cash flows more effectively. This necessitated an end-to-end solution involving ingestion of relevant data from accounting systems, prediction of future cash flows, and finally the right prescriptions for effective management of the future cash balance situation. The client partnered with Inxite Out to achieve the objective mentioned above.

Treasury Automation And Cash Flow Management Recommendation


Automated Ingestion of Accounting data into Normalized Storage

Transactions and ledger information for a subscribed customer are ingested automatically in a scheduled manner from accounting systems and stored securely in a normalized fashion for further processing.

Profiling of Business Partners

Past transactions of the business partners (e.g., vendors, customers, tax authorities etc.) of any given SME customer were modelled to predict future transactions in the mid-term (up to two quarters ahead). Payment behavior of customers in the past were profiled to make predictions for future transactions based on outstanding invoices in the accounting systems. Developed bespoke algorithms capable of achieving good accuracies even with very low amount of past data by using business-aware engineered features.

Aggregated Cash Flow Prediction

Future transactions involving different business partners, currencies, and categories are normalized and aggregated together to provide forecasts of cash inflows / outflows, accounts receivables / payables, cash balances etc.

Cash Management & Foreign Transaction Prescription

Based on the cash flows predicted, a system involving early warnings and prescriptions was developed for helping the customer manage its cash flows more effectively. Additionally, the right time-windows to execute transactions involving multiple currencies are prescribed based on predictions of foreign exchange rates across hundreds of currency pairs.

SaaS Product Infrastructure Creation

SaaS product was developed as a single tenant application hosted on AWS with the following features:

  • Product embraced micro service architecture with all the different components being implemented as a collection of loosely coupled services.
  • Services were deployed on scalable and orchestrated cloud infrastructure.
  • Robust security framework in alignment with regulatory requirements for financial data.


Solution was adopted by the client and integrated into their SaaS product.

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