Brand And Customer Insights Using Social Media Analytics


Social media analytics is the process of understanding online conversations about a company or a brand, as well as its products and services. Our client wanted to leverage social listening to better understand their customers and competitors alike and to benchmark their brand performance against their direct and indirect competitors. Hence, the client partnered with Inxite Out to build a social listening platform.

Brand And Customer Insights Using Social Media Analytics


Automated Data Aggregator

Data extraction and transformation pipelines were developed to extract data periodically (via scraping, API access etc.) from a plethora of sources (social media, blogs, industry forums etc.), transform the data into a normalized format and subsequently store the data in a scalableanalytics data store

Social Media Analytics Models

Developed a series of text analytics models to generate brand and customer focused insights. Models were implemented to understand:

  • Popularity of a client’s brand vis-à-vis their competitors
  • Perception of the client’s brand among their customers and a comparative analysis of their brand’s perception vis-à-vis their competitors
  • Brand association and brand switching behavior among customers
  • Key topics of conversation and class of queries among customers

Insight Visualization

Developed intuitive self-serve UI for consumption of insights generated by the models


Social listening platform was adopted by the client and integrated in their customer focused business processes

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