Audit analytics platform migration from ACL Platform to Azure


Client, a leading multinational company were migrating their ERP platform from SAP ECC to SAP HANA. Due to this migration, client’s existing audit analytics flow was broken caused by the incompatibility of the ACL system with SAP HANA. Hence, the client wanted to redesign their entire analytics platform which could be used by the auditors to perform effective data driven audit for different entities. For the first phase of the implementation, the client had prioritized three business processes – Procure to Pay, Order to Cash and Forecast to Stock

Audit analytics platform migration from ACL Platform to Azure


Analytics Data Store Creation

First phase involved the creation of raw and transformed analytics data store in Azure Data Lake (ADL) to dissociate the reporting platform from the live SAP HANA system. Automated data extraction pipelines were developed in Azure Data Factory and Databricks to transfer data periodically and apply the necessary transformations.

Reporting Data Object Creation

To facilitate time bound execution of test cases, summary reporting data objects were conceptualized and created. We collaborated with client domain experts and auditors to finalize the structure and content of over 20 reporting data objects and implemented them.

Automated Test Report Generation

Developed dynamic, scalable, self-service test automation framework in Dataiku to generate reports for test cases based on user input. The framework supported:

  • 33 high priority analytics test cases across the 3 prioritized business processes
  • Intuitive user interface for auditors to select test cases and provide input parameters
  • Effective security control and audit mechanism to ensure traceability


  • Self-service audit analytics platform rolled out and adopted by auditors
  • Achieved significant effort reduction for auditors and in-house analytics team in performing ad hoc on demand reporting

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